1. Aradia’s Apartment

  2. Vriska turned last night :(

    Vriska turned last night :(

  3. Leisure Day @ the beach. Dave decided to take a zillion pictures of John because he loves him (and it annoys him).

  4. If you are still following this account, please be aware that I have moved to fictional.tumblr.com as my main. This is going to become my Sims (2/3/4) account, and it’ll feature mostly fandom (re:Homestuck) screencaps.

    Consider yourself warned, get out while you can, etc ♥

  5. packingpantaloons:



    hi hello this is UNSOURCED ART




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  7. quillery:

    Oh what’s this?? Another super special limited-edition print for the AVA’S DEMON KICKSTARTER??!!

    This was another collab between Maya and me—she handed me the initial sketch and I inked/colored it!

    So, AWESOME NEWS: the kickstarter just hit 100k, which means all backers who buy the book will also receive ALL the fine art prints, with tiers $150 and up getting all those prints at twice the size! All tiers $20 and up will also receive stickers, bookmarks, and a thank you card! PLUS, character & environment profiles will be added to the book!! DANG SO MANY AWESOME THINGS, HOW COULD YOU NOT WANT ALL THOSE AWESOME THINGS

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