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Sep 15, 2014

I’m going to talk about side characters in my legacy until I’m able to fix Pose Player (don’t ask).

This handsome devil is Pallas, the town demon. He appears very serious and is well-read, which is at odds with his clumsy, dramatic nature. Pallas has a bad habit of dismissing others feelings - he values logic over emotion, but is not above using either one to manipulate those around him.

Standing behind him is Sebastian, the human who haunts him. Why would a demon need to be protected? 

Sep 15, 2014

"If you don’t want to do this, I’ll completely understand."

"You’d completely understand, but it wouldn’t stop you from hating me."

"Just for a little while. Probably."

"Don’t lie, kiddo. If anyone’s good at holding a grudge, it’s family. I would know."

She doesn’t blame Kill for what happened last year and wants to tell him but the timing still doesn’t feel right. It may never feel right. Instead Bear squares her shoulders and draws herself up to stand beside her brother.

"Let’s go." 

Sep 15, 2014


"You know the only reason I’m in this car is because you asked me to go.”

The last part of the sentence comes out part irritable huff, part sigh. Beyond the taxi window, the world is on fire - warm autumn sun igniting the treetops into a million ardent flames. Killon shifts restlessly, glaring at the outside world through dark glasses. 

"It’s a stupid tradition, Bear. Everyone’s gone."

Bear keeps her back to him but when Killon looks over, he can see her reflection in the pane. Her eyes are closed, face tilted towards the light.

"We’re still here."

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Aradia’s Apartment

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Vriska turned last night :(
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Vriska turned last night :(

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Leisure Day @ the beach. Dave decided to take a zillion pictures of John because he loves him (and it annoys him).

Aug 9, 2014


If you are still following this account, please be aware that I have moved to as my main. This is going to become my Sims (2/3/4) account, and it’ll feature mostly fandom (re:Homestuck) screencaps.

Consider yourself warned, get out while you can, etc ♥